Valve Reaper User Manuals Hot Off the Press September 23, 2017 08:16

Back in Action! September 18, 2017 08:00

I'm back from vacation; refreshed and ready to roll!

Here's a campfire I made on the last night:



ON VACATION September 07, 2017 11:17

Starting Saturday 9/9, I will be on vacation in the wilderness and incommunicado through Monday 9/18.

If you place an order in my webshop during this period, I will fill you order immediately upon my return.



New K818 User Manuals Available August 20, 2017 22:19

A nice productive Sunday; zero to Scribus all in one afternoon!

Happy 4th of July Weekend! June 30, 2017 07:31

Be safe. Have fun. Happy Independence Day, 2017!

Morning Jam #117 = K818 Tone June 16, 2017 08:53

Todd Mihan impresses us once again with morning Jam #117; our beloved K818 was gainfully employed!

Rig Rundown: John Oates and Shane Theriot June 10, 2017 23:41

Our K818 finds a place on John Oates live rig. What an honor! 

T-Shirts, T-Shirts, T-Shirts - Available Now! May 26, 2017 16:54

Santa Fe Sunset April 20, 2017 20:03

Beastly, Saith the Triple 7 April 15, 2017 20:56

Still At It! March 04, 2017 17:35

Valve Reaper, Prototype #2 January 27, 2017 12:25

Someone has been busy!

Addicted to G777 January 15, 2017 12:02

Tony from Addicted to Gear gives us a very comprehensive and down to earth tour of the G777. Many thanks for nailing our design intent.

The Ruffian Show Interview December 27, 2016 19:03

A few weeks ago I had the honor of being interviewed on The Ruffian Show. Dan Deleon was a very gracious host, our conversation running the gamut from education to analog circuit design. My very first interview, and it probably shows, although I enjoyed the experience and look forward to more opportunities to talk gear. Thanks again, Dan!

Please have a listen at this LINK

Stacking Overdrive with Time Based Effects December 14, 2016 21:37

The G777 dual overdrive stacks very well with time based effects, especially the fantastic Xvive Wave Phaser! Please check out what a high-headroom pedal (30V) can do for your tone.

Shout out to Sean Gibson and The Noise Reel!


EffectsBay Reviews the G777 December 09, 2016 16:10

Many thanks to Hank over at the EffectsBay for his positive Triple 7 review. He totally nailed our design intent!

Please check it out here: EffectsBay Greenchild G777 Review

A Virtuoso and His Greenchild G777 Dual Overdrive Guitar Pedal December 02, 2016 13:03

Nick Johnston sporting his Greenchild G777 dual overdrive, serial # G0104.

Dr. Ric Takes the Triple 7 to Task! October 19, 2016 14:08

Nick Johnston Tries the G777 October 16, 2016 13:23

Sean Gibson Presents the G777 For the Noise Reel October 10, 2016 19:55

The Noise Reel showcasing the versatility of the #G777 dual overdrive. Bravo Zulu; job well done. Please check it and dig.

InTheBlues Showcases the G777. October 10, 2016 19:51

Thanks, Shane Diiorio! Fantastic work.

JustNickMusic Gives the G777 A Go September 29, 2016 20:21

Nick completely nails our design intent behind the Triple 7. Enough said.

New K818 Enclosures September 27, 2016 20:26

Our new K818 enclosures just arrived. Scarlet red. Dig it.

Why a Tube Amp's Standby Switch is Bad News September 20, 2016 13:12

The Valve Wizard (Mr. Merlin Blencowe) makes the case that a standby switch makes absolutely no sense in a soundly designed tube amp (for guitar or HiFi). None of the legitimate technical tube manuals nor engineering books mention them. Guitar amps are the only tube amps that commonly employ a standby switch. Why? Primarily two reasons:

1) The majority of guitar amp builders blindly copy without applying critical thinking skills, avoiding the due diligence and attention detail required to find out the switch's original intended purpose.

2) Marketing. Guitarists expect a standby switch "just because" many of the old vintage amps were equipped with one. I wonder how many standby switches are actually dummy switches that serve absolutely no purpose.

Reference: "Power and Standby Switches" by Merlin Blencowe