Tribus Drive, v1.5 November 07, 2015 13:23

Tribus Drive v1.5 is ready for the PCB manufacturer! Version 1.4 has been in production for the last year and will be discontinued.

New Features:

1) Improved Boost stacking - increased output and sustain when stacked with the Overdrive and Distortion channels. Things can get quite gnarly when the other two channels are pushed to their limits. By itself, the boost provides up to 27dB of pristine, clean, gain.

The boost mod we recency implemented for v1.4 (as mentioned on Facebook) was not to our high standard, as the level, when stacked with the other channels, was not as responsive as we would have liked. As we've previously mentioned before on our blog, TD v1.4 was purposely designed as a loop switcher and not intended for stacking. The boost mod for v1.4 is nice in that the tone controls add a very nice dynamic, although we preferred to start from scratch and design v1.5's Boost to completely saturate the other two channels from the get-go. We felt the boost mod for v1.4 was somewhat of a compromise, hence our motivation for v1.5.

2) Redesigned overdrive section. Same MOSFET topology, but with more responsive tone controls. This version has a little more dirt and saturation than v1.4. She has a similar vibe to the Blackstone Appliances MOSFET overdrive.

3) Distortion section completely redesigned, and based on the Mad Professor "Little Green Wonder." Check out the Intheblues review of this pedal on YouTube. She's one sweet unit.

4) BONUS: all the old v1.4 pedals we've sold in the last year may be upgraded to v1.5. Send us your old pedal and we can replace the circuit board inside for a complete upgrade. Contact us privately if you might be interested.

We plan on sending Shane (@Intheblues) a demo pedal as soon as we receive our new PCBs back from our USA manufacturer. Hopefully we'll have a sweet demo relatively soon.

We appreciate your support; all the customer feedback (both good and bad) we've received over the last year has helped motivate continuous improvement. Thanks everyone!